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Alexanderplatz Berlin, photographiert von Stefan Steib

HCam-B1 Camera
 A Revolution
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Hartblei Lenses
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 True Digital Lenses!
 Optics by Carl Zeiss
 Hartblei 4/40 IF TS
 Hartblei 2,8/80 TS
 Hartblei Makro 4/120 TS
 Set 40/80/120 mm

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important and knowlegdeable facts about HCam-B1 and accessories

    This is a new camera,
    how do I know it is reliable ?

  • Hartblei has develloped this camera together with a partner company who are already 20 years building cameras in this business, a predecessor model has been produced for about 7 years. The new HCam-B1 has been tested as a Prototype, producing for over a year in a furniture studio without any hickups. All parts have been tested intensively and are robust and dimensioned for heavy usage.

    How safe is power supply, does the motorslider consume too much power ?

  • The supplied batteries are originally Videoparts from heavily used Sony pro camcorders. With capacities of up to 7200 mHa the camera will run the whole day, if even this is not enough, we supply a car adapter/charger(also for direct operation) and a 110/220V powersupply.

    Which camera systems are supported?

  • Very simple - ALL of them ! Every HCam-B1 is made on a "Built to order" base on customers demands. We have all the parts on stock, after your order we assemble the system with the right camera mount and back cabling for your system. Of course you can change your Back/system later on, for a reasonable fee we change your customizations. You only need to send in the camera for this.

    Which guarantee do we offer?

  • Full 2 Years worldwide and also after this timeframe we will handle defective parts or construction faults for repais on a very tolerant basis.

    How much do repairs and parts cost ?

  • All parts of the HCam-B1 derive from regular tool industry supplies, the shutter is made by Mamiya 645 and is known as very stable and will normally fail only after more than 200000 releases. Even then a repair is absolutely simple and can be done everywhere by our dealers close to you.

    Will Hartblei extend their Upgrade policy to future camera upgrades also ?

  • Yes - at the launch of new models we will offer rebuilds to the newest factory standard for a fair and low fee to protect your investment.

Alexanderplatz Berlin
Impression mit vollem Tilt

by Stefan Steib
Hartblei 4/40 TS mit Canon 5D, Tilt 8º, ISO 100, f/4, 1/200 sec

"Entstanden am Abend vor der PCP Show April 2008."
Stefan Steib

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