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Olga's Hair, by Stefan Steib

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 Hartblei Lenses

Optics by Carl Zeiss

New Hartblei 2,8/80 TS Superrotator now with unique Sidefocus

New Hartblei 80 mm Sidefocus

This Hartblei lens with Optics by Carl Zeiss is a dream-come-true for fashion and people photographers. Despite the sensational sharpness at open aperture you can still create georgeous blurs and softening. The Hollywood of the 40s is coming to life again. On the other hand, with closed aperture the lens becomes a razor-sharp tool for daily studio work, allowing full control over perspective and sharpness.

The lens was originally built for the 6 x 6 format, providing huge quality reserves for 35mm format.

For all crop sensors with a factor of 1.3 or 1.5 this is the perfect short tele lens for a lot of tasks. Users of full format cameras will achieve 183% of the originally available pixel size with a shift of 2x10mm horizontally. The resulting image angle will be comparable to a 50mm lens (on correlation to 35mm format). For example, if you stitch two exposures as portrait formats, this will result in a usable chipsize of 44x36mm (at 4 mm overlapping), this gives you a picture diagonale of 56.8 mm opposing a 43.2 mm diagonale at 24/36 = Factor 1.3 ! With crop sensors and a chipsize of 1:1.5, the gain with a 3-time-exposure/stitch is about 250% (a Nikon D2x will result in 30 Mpixel!).

New Hartblei 80 mm Sidefocus

You can achieve up to 8 degrees of tilt.

The smalest focusing distance without extension tubes is 65cm, This results in an object field of appr. 20x14cm (With Full format!), This is a scaling of 1: 5,5, but even with larger scales (using extension tubes) Picture quality is very good.

All Hartblei Shift- und Tilt-lenses are so called Superrotators, meaning that the Shift and Tilt functions can be used independently with 360 degrees rotation. With this lens you can almost substitute a view camera. Additionally the new Tripod collar (optional for 80 and 120mm-price on request ) allows parallaxfree stitching and portrait to landscape rotation.

This lens is based on the most successful lens construction of all times. This almost symmetrical lens has been corrected extremely well, reducing chromatic aberration very well, even at wide apertures.

Hartblei therefor uses this kit as ideal base for a high-end lens with impressing color correction, illumination, planity, and minimal distortion.

Technical Data:
 Number of lenses: 7
 Aperture 1:2,8
 Focal Length: 81,2 mm
 Weight: ~ 795 Gramm (depends on mount ordered)
 Filterdiameter: 72x0,75
 Smallest Aperture: 22

Available mounts:
 Canon EF
 Nikon F
 Leica R

A flyer with technical data for Download you find here as a pdf : Flyer_E_web.pdf 250 kb

Sectional View:

Optival System of the Hartblei Prototype 2,8/80 TS


Olga's Hair
by Stefan Steib
Hartblei 2,8/80 TS with Canon 5D, Tilt 8º, ISO 200, f/2,8, 1/250 sec

"Despite the fog, the ZEISS coating has made all the colour variations stand out in this series."
Stefan Steib

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